G & T Autos

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

About us


G & T Autos was established in 2004. At G&T Autos, quality is in our DNA. We pride ourselves on providing the very best auto repair, diagnostic and maintenance services for all make, models include light commercial vehicle. We have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipments to identify the problems in your vehicle quickly and accurately. Our auto technicians are constantly being updated and instructed on the latest technical innovations and procedures.


  • Engine

    • Inspection of engine components
    • Install new spark plugs
    • Install new air, fuel and pollen filters
    • Fuel system cleaning
  • Oil

    • Oil change with Valvoline motor oil
    • Installing new oil filter, sump plug and washer
    • Antifreeze / Coolant Fluid, Brake Fluid and Power Steering Fluid fill as required
    • Checking transmission and windshield fluid level and to be filled if needed
    • Check fuel tank and lines
    • Top-up washer fluid with additive mix
    • Check washer and wiper condition/function
    • Replace fuel filter (subject to the manufacturers recommendations and at additional cost)
  • Brakes & Suspension

    • Brake discs
    • Brake pads
    • Brake line
    • Brake fluid level and condition (inc free top up)
    • Condition of brake pads and discs
    • Condition of parking brake function
  • Exhaust

    We carry a massive range of top brand car exhausts to fit most popular makes and models. We check catalytic converter, Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF ) and the exhaust system for leaks and condition of mountings. At G&T Autos we ensure that your exhaust system complies with emission control levels.

  • Tyres & Wheel alignment

    We sell and fit all types of tyres. Our auto technicians are trained to use computerised wheel alignment equipment and check your vehicle based on the factory specifications. Also, we check tyre pressures and condition.

  • Air conditioning

    • Check system pressures and vent temperature
    • Check condenser temperature
    • Read suction line temperature
    • Check valves and thermostats
    • Check hoses and components
    • Treat the problem of stale smelling AC at source
    • Recover refrigerant
    • Evacuate air and moisture from the system
    • Leak test
    • Clean condenser fins
  • Pre-NCT Inspection

    We offer a comprehensive pre-test inspection which covers all the important mechanical & safety issues including checking your vehicle lights, brakes, tyres, oil level, engine, glasses and mirrors, exhaust emissions, steering & suspension. We have all the necessary vehicle testing equipments to ensure your car passes the test.